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Imaging Services

At REX Medical Care, we provide diagnostic body imaging services for patients in-house and through affiliated facilities, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging equipment. This technology has become so advanced that we can examine arteries and organs without using invasive procedures. We offer Ultrasound services in a compassionate and comforting environment at our location. Other imaging services such as Advanced CT Scanning, Digital Fluoroscopy, Digital Mammography, MRI, X-ray and other special procedures are done by outside affiliated imaging centers. 

Same-Day / Next-Day Appointments

Our streamlined referral process makes it easy to refer and schedule patients, while also ensuring that patients are prepared for safe, informed imaging exams.

Prompt Delivery / Results

Imaging is a powerful tool that provides patients with complete, accurate and, often, early diagnosis. After we receive and review your results, we will promptly contact you with our interpretation. You will also have access to the results via email, fax, or through my REX CARE (patient portal).

Seeing the Big Picture...


Ultrasound Imaging


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


Carotid Artery Diseases


Liver, Gallblader, Kidney


Cardiac ECHO


Peripheral Vascular Conditions

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