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Laboratory Services

REX Medical Care offers our members on-site laboratory services on a walk-in basis, with no need for an appointment.

Your health care provider will order the specific tests you need based on your age, your medications, your overall health status and the amount of time since your last set of blood tests. Young, healthy individuals may only need blood tests every five years, while patients with active medical issues may need tests annually or even more frequently. If you are interested in having specific tests performed, you can discuss them with your provider during your consultation.

​Our staff will put you at ease, draw your blood and collect other specimens in an anxiety-free environment, and get you on your way quickly. After we receive and review your results, we will promptly contact you with our interpretation. You will also have access to the results via email, fax, or through my REX CARE (patient portal).

Convenient Lab Services...

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Comprehensive Blood Screening


Sexually Transmitted Diseases



Vitamin B12

Blood Disoders


Autoimmune Disorders



Kidney, Liver, Diabetes, Cholesterol


Allergy Testing and Much More...

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